A symbiotic Survey of the urban edges of Medway and Swale relative chiefly to its distinctive character made in the Summer of 2012 by artists Jo Roberts and Stephen Turner

Jo Roberts and Stephen Turner are independently travelling the borderlands of Medway and Swale as part of a team of four artists commissioned to explore those edges where urban development meets a greener often marshy protected fringe. They share a a sensitivity to a local distinctiveness which enjoys the subtle and the hidden, the common and the ordinary across the varied geography, geology, history and natural history of this unique environment . The way in which the land is used (and has been abused) is a feature of their chosen paths.

Their journeys are highly individual, sometimes subversive, anecdotal quirky and fun, but they always intuit something of the enchantment of place and the life that goes on there. They are both making entries to this blog and the will draw out inter-connections where and if their paths should cross.